When we met Ingrid Emaga (amazing photographer and future #fadedmuse ) and her sister Brigitte Emaga (incredible singer and actress), we wanted to know where all this coolness came from, and when we find out about Lucrecia we understood it all. She is a force to be reckon with, beautiful on the inside and on the outside and wiser beyond words.

Shot in Barcelona and wearing our latest Spring capsule collection made with recycled linen and dead-stock cotton styles, meet our mother´s day muse, Lucrecia through the lens of Brigitte´s words, Ingrid’s photos and her thoughts about motherhood.

“My mother has a captivating and charismatic personality and I love that she feels at her best ever, she is in a great moment!”

Brigitte Emaga


Tell us something about you…

My name is Lucrecia, I am a creative person and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am decisive as well. A business, a Marketing and Communication professional I am also the mother of two amazing women, my daughters Ingrid and Brigitte.

What is te relationship you have with your daughters?

As the time goes by, I want to believe that my daughters and I are becoming friends and partners in crime. We are in the best phase of our mother-daughter relationship, we are really aware of how much we love and understand each other.

How would you define motherhood?

Motherhood is one of the few emotional relationship that lasts almost all of your life, a mix of feelings that sum up love, so when my daughters think of me, I want them to remember their mother with love and fondness, the same way I approached my role as a mother.

” I admire the women my daughters have become, how hard working they are and how amazingly professional they are at their jobs”

Lucrecia Mba


Tell us something about you…

My name is Brigitte, I am an actress and a singer but I consider myself and Artist, since I like to explore all the artistic sides I can.

What is te relationship you have with your mother?

Right now the relationship with my mother is as its best right now, we understand each other more and everything is easier, I guess being older and wiser has actually help to bring us closer.

Looking back to your childhood, what is the fondest memory you have of your mother?

My fondest memory of her is when my sister and I used to take her clothes, shoes and played dress up. Lots of joy, laughs and happiness come from those moments.

Shot by Ingrid Emaga; Models: Lucrecia Mba, Brigitte Emaga; MUA: Sandri Ramírez